Nissan tops stolen car list in North Central Division; Honda now 3rd

Nissan tops stolen car list in North Central Division; Honda now 3rd

Nissan vehicles still appear to be the vehicle of choice for car thieves, according to data collected by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).

Speaking at a media briefing earlier today, Senior Superintendent (Acting) for the North Central Division, Brian Ramphal, said they are making active inroads into gang and crime activity in that Division.

Based on the information collected, Nissan vehicles continue to be the most sought-after vehicle by criminal elements, with Toyota the second most popular, followed by Honda vehicles.

Superintendent Terrence Nowbutt said:

“At the top of the list we have Nissan, which includes the Tiida, AD Wagon, Almera, and Wingroad, followed by the second most popular brand stolen, inclusive of the Aqua, Corolla, the Fielder and the Axio. The third most popular brand are the Hondas inclusive of the Honda City.”

Nowbutt said these vehicles are stolen and sometimes used for other crimes such as murders and robberies.

Ramphal said they have carried out several awareness initiatives within communities in sharing information with vehicle owners about safety practices while driving as well as security measures, including GPS tracking devices which can increase the chances of a stolen vehicle being recovered.Ramphal said to date 98 vehicles of those reported stolen in the Division were successfully recovered, a 22 per cent success rate.

He said that currently there’s a detection rate of 17 per cent and they intend to ramp up anti-crime activity ahead of the upcoming Christmas season.

Cops eyeing ‘Criminal for Hire’, ‘Work for Hire’ arrangements

Nowbutt said gangs have been financing their activities by doing freelance jobs, known as a ‘Criminal For Hire’ or CFH, where perpetrators make themselves available for hire for various crimes including even murder.

Nowbutt said there are also investigations into the issue of cars being offered for sale under a ‘work for hire’ scenario, involving drivers who are tasked with giving criminals information on police locations and other gang-related information.

Another common form of financing involves narcotics, which Nowbutt said police are also cracking down on.

Ramphal said investigations are continuing and police expect to make several inroads soon.

“In addressing the gang situation we look at each facet of how they operate and what those operations include. For specific reasons I cannot go into details of our investigations and how we engage but let me say that we are way advanced in the North Central Division in how we carry out our gang investigations and…rest assured, and I can say this with confidence, we can expect to see further prosecutions in the North Central Division [soon].”

The North Central Division covers the Maracas, St Joseph, St Joseph, Arouca, Tunapuna and Piarco districts.


Article Courtesy Loop News