Cops find 4 stolen cars in Arouca, arrest two

Cops find 4 stolen cars in Arouca, arrest two

Cops find 4 stolen cars in Arouca, arrest two

Two people were arrested and four stolen vehicles were recovered during police exercises on Friday in the Northern and North Eastern divisions.

Between 1 am and 5 am on December 23, North Central Task Force East officers, Arouca CID as well as patrol and enquiries staff, responded to a report of a stolen vehicle in the division.

Police did surveillance on a house on Thomas Trace, searched the house and found four stolen vehicles – two Nissan AD wagons, a Nissan Versa and a Nissan Tiida.

A 54-year-old man from Thomas Trace, Arouca and a 24-year-old man from Oropune Gardens, Piarco, were arrested concerning the find.

In the Northeastern division, police conducted an operation Blue Line exercise between 6 pm and 10 pm on Friday. During the exercise, San Juan police and North Eastern Division Gang Intelligence officers targeted several drug blocks in San Juan. The officers went to the Croisee, Mt Lambert Circular, La Canoa Road, Hope Place Mt Hope, Sunshine Avenue, Laventille Road and Blanc Street.

While on Blanc Street, officers saw a group of men gathered along the road. When they saw the police, they ran off, with one of them clutching onto his waist. Officers chased the man holding his waist through a house and to a bushy area, where he was able to escape the police. When officers searched the bushy area, they found two black plastic bags containing five bricks of what was later confirmed to be marijuana.

PC Bharath is continuing investigations.

Article Courtesy Trinidad and Tobago Newsday