12 pack camping Tool Set, Perfect for someone who loves the outdoors or as a gift !


Camping Tool Set in olive which includes machete, hatchet, knife, sharpening stone, fire starter, flashlight, cord and carabiner. The machete, hatchet, and knife handle is wrapped in paracord for a secure grip, and it can be unwound for emergencies. A protective sheath is included for safe storage. The magnesium fire starter can spark a fire at a moment’s notice. The LED aluminum flashlight has three convenient modes including high, low and flash, which is made of strong and heavy-duty aluminum. Carabiner is great for attaching items together or to your gear.

12 Pack Camping Tool Set –

10″ Machete with comfortable handle
Paracord handle hatchet
Paracord handle Knife
Sharpening stone
Fire starter
3 x Durable protective sheaths included for machete, hatchet and knife
LED aluminum focusing flashlight
50’ Utility cord
2 x carabiner

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