Heavenly Orange Soap Bar 4.7oz


Perfectly Naturall heavenly orange soap bar is superb for soothing sore aching muscles and joints. It has been proven orange soap bar is effective in pain relief. Whether one is experiencing pain from exercise, sports, stiff joints, sore muscles, or more intense chronic pain. Our soap bar is perfect for men and women.

● Used for inflammation and pain
● For inflamed joints, nerve pain and sore muscles
● Penetrates skin for reducing inflammation
● Good for rheumatic pain, muscle spasms, back pain
● Reducing stress and anxiety
● Contains anti-inflammatories properties
● For pain relief, increasing circulation, muscle pain
● Relaxes muscles and prevents muscle spasms

Perfectly Naturall massage bar relieves back, joint, and muscle stress. This natural Massage & Soap bar relieves the day’s stress while keeping you moving forward by calling upon the world’s oldest natural remedies to clean and nourish your body. Orange oil has long been used in aromatherapy due to its relaxing properties and ability to potentially alleviate muscle and joint discomfort when applied to the skin.

This soap bar cleanses and soothes skin, providing stress relief to muscles and joints during your daily care routine. I t is designed to treat your skin and muscles with quality ingredients that clean and relax your body. Rejuvenate your skin with natural extracts that have been cleansing and renewing men & women’s bodies for generations. It cleans your skin and restores movement to your joints.

Tense and relaxed muscles crave natural ingredients to penetrate deep and relieve stress and anxiety. Men & Women who want to feel their best know that natural, eco-friendly care ingredients are must-haves. Ideal for those who suffer from muscle pain and have sensitive skin.

Our soap bar has many antiseptics, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in the active antibacterial and antifungal ingredient St. John’s wort has powerful dermatological benefits while also being gentle enough to treat adult skin. Specially formulated with natural plant extracts, this soap is suitable for the face and body to treat and soothe skin conditions.

This soap bar is formulated with special ingredients to help address your head-to-toe cleaning needs and give you the moisture. It is rich in vitamins and fatty acids help moisturize your skin. Designed with bumps to enhance your massage time with extra pressure. Just press into the desired part to relieve stress and muscle tension. It makes every day feel like a spa.

The ingredients used in our body soap provide nourishment to your skin. When you use our soap, your skin will be clean, soft, and nourished. In addition to the orange oil, many of the other ingredients work to moisturize your skin, keeping it youthful looking!

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