Metal duarable lemon/lime juicer


This handheld lemon squeezer is easy to use and don’t take much strength to squeeze, even a kid can use this lemon squeezer. Our lemon juicer squeeze lemon/ lime/ orange quickly that you can be drinking lemonade or orange juice in a just seconds.

This hand juicer precise size and design produces 20% more juice than conventional handheld lemon juicer. Our hand juicer won’t waste an ounce of juice and will have no pulp or seeds in your fresh lemon juice!

BPA free, food-grade coating makes lime squeezer easy to wash. Just drop the lime squeezer in the dishwasher or clean it by hand in seconds. This lemon juicer slim body can be stored easily in a utensil drawer.

Premium industrial aluminum and thicker support rod make this citrus squeezer not easy to break! The manual juicer may squeeze different sizes lemons/ Limes, Meyer lemons, Key limes.

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