The Bee Keeper’s Guide – ebook


This antique volume contains a complete and comprehensive treatise on the art of bee-keeping. It includes everything a prospective bee-keeper or student of bees could possibly need, or want to know on the subject. Containing a wealth of practicable and fascinating information, as well as being profusely illustrated, this text will greatly appeal to anyone with an interest in the subject. The chapters of this book include: ‘Who May Keep Bees’, ‘Who Are Specially Interdicted’, ‘Inducements to Bee-Keeping’, ‘Recreation’, ‘Profits’, ‘Excellence as an Amateur Pursuit’, ‘Adaptation to Women’, ‘Improvements in Mind and the Observation’, ‘Yields Delicious Food’, ‘Adds to Nation’s Health’, ‘Mental Effort’, etcetera. This text was originally published in 1883, and is proudly republished now complete with a new introduction on farming.

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