Ultra Thin Wallet Finder | Smart Tracker


  1. The Wallet Smart Card Finder is an ultra-thin wallet finder that protects the privacy and prevents malicious tracking.
  2. The product is Apple authenticated and has a high-performance chip that consumes low power.
  3. It has a quick and long-lasting search and positioning ability.
  4. It is applicable to various scenarios and can be tracked through the Find My network.
  5. The product has up to 2-year-long battery life and is ultra-thin and portable.
  6. It fits easily in the wallet and is as thin as a bank card.
  7. The product has a prompt position that plays a sound close to the item when prompted.
  8. The wallet finder is compatible with multiple devices and is easy to manage and use.
  9. It can be used for wallets, suitcases, lunch kits, sports equipment, bags, and cameras.

Apple MFi Certified Card Finder Low Smart Super Slim Find My Tag AirTag Tracker Locator Finder for Wallet

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